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 Hippocrates Health Institute

“Electrically charged minerals are the ONLY minerals the human cells relate to”

What an incredible opportunity with Dr. Brain Clement of the Hippocrates Health Institute, the first and oldest Natural Health Center on the planet, and Matt Bakos of Adya Inc., together sharing incredible results brought on by this product, Adya Clarity.  WATCH it now, and be sure to PASS it on!

Hippocrates Institute Endorses Adya Clarity as a “Superior Liquid Essential Supplement”

Hippocrates Health Institute, the Natural Health Movement…pushing complimentary healthcare measures to the forefront!

To see the full conversation between Dr. Brian Clement and Matt Bakos, owner of Adya Clarity, click here for the full Hippocrates Health Institute online magazine interview, pages 40 and 41. A MUST READ!

“Five decades ago, Ann Wigmore, visionary and humanitarian, founded a concept based on the historic wisdom of our Father of Medicine – Hippocrates – “Let Food Be Thy Medicine.” Ann Wigmore and Viktoras Kulvinskas, M.S., a brilliant mind of another kindred spirit, created an integrative institute in Boston, Massachusetts, that taught people how to access the power of their vast inner resources to transform the quality of their lives. The commitment to this idea is embodied in what is now the Hippocrates Health Institute of West Palm Beach, Florida

Hippocrates alumni are people from all walks of life who have benefited from these teachings. They share stories of recovery that are considered miraculous by some, but are actually quite typical of people who have embraced a live-food lifestyle. As we enter the 21st century, the power of the Hippocrates diet to change lives has been validated through comprehensive scientific research. The Hippocrates Health Institute is available to all persons with health challenges, those who need to energize their lives, and those who want to enjoy a state of vibrant well-being. Contact the Hippocrates Health Institute to help you achieve your own state of vibrant well-being!”

Adya Clarity Supplement Review

“In the second half of 2012, we conducted testing and research on the product Adya Clarity. This mineral-rich liquid supplement was of interest to us since the global public, in great part, lacks the full spectrum of minerals and trace minerals necessary to maintain health and reduce premature aging. We unfortunately discovered that some self-appointed internet health authorities were distributing misinformation about Adya Clarity. These individuals claimed that the supplement contained some undesirable elements.

We tested Adya Clarity at Hippocrates Health Institute, not only distributing it to a wide cross section of our guests, but to some of our medical team, including Drs. Anna Maria and Brian Clement. The volunteers consumed the supplement for several months, conducting a heavy metal and chemical blood profile before and after the test period. In addition to receiving the great benefits of the multiple minerals, each participant reduced the handful of concerns that were revealed on the first test.

We wholeheartedly endorse Adya Clarity and consider it a superior liquid essential supplement. Hippocrates thanks Matt Bakos at Adya, Inc. for having the professionalism and courage to allow us to analyze and scrutinize this exceptional health builder.

In the U.S., Adya Clarity is marketed and labeled for water purification. In Canada, Adya Clarity is marketed and labeled as a licensed natural mineral supplement.”

Dr. Brian Clement
Hippocrates Health Institute

The amazing facts about biotite or black mica, the main ingredient of Adya Clarity™, is that it has so much in common with human beings it’s uncanny.  [Read More...]



The patented extraction process created by Dr. Asao Shimanishi, a Japanese man involved in the studies of removing contamination from water, yielded a liquid form of these Super Minerals locked in the volcanic rock. The extraction process yields an all-natural, water-purifying additive, unaltered by chemicals or dangerous compounds, but utilizing one of the most powerful forces in nature – magnetism!  [Read more…]

When added to water this concentrate creates a powerful energy-boosting synergy through its three components: OXYGEN, WATER, and IONIC MINERALS.

Oxygen. From water to almost all living organisms their total mass is composed of mostly oxygen. Making it one of the most  important elements on the planet… Oxidize free radicals and carbon wastes [Read more...]

Water constitutes the majority of the makeup in living organisms, just like oxygen. life relies heavily on it. It sustains, cleanses, and nourishes  [Read more…]

Minerals make sure that your cells are structured and that they function properly. Minerals are involved in the production of energy, blood, bones, and body fluids.  [Read more…]

Now you can have all 3 by adding Adya Clarity™ to your water!

Just imagine what the combination of the 3 of our most essential needs can do to your health… for PENNIES a glass!


Some key points to remember about Adya Clarity™

Adya Clarity™ minerals are self-cleaning in water . It’s a no-brainer that tap water isn’t best for drinking. Purified, distilled, and reverse osmosis water on the other hand are all dead, mineral-less water. They are potable and have been rid of contaminants, but the absence of minerals and lack of oxygen won’t keep them clean after they have been purified.  [Read more…]

Our minerals are in a soluble ionic for m for the best assimilation. Colloidal minerals are suspended in form. They cannot pass through the cell membrane due to their large size.  [Read more…]

Ionic minerals are intelligent minerals. Our minerals provide subtle magnetic power. They pull out toxins from water [Read more...]

Our ionic mineral solution can transform certain toxins into nutrients.  [Read more…]

Adya®’s activated oxygen (O3) neutralizes free radicals by pairing with them.  [Read more…]

Start reaping all these benefits by adding Adya® minerals to your water today!

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to cure, diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.