Facts about Biotite or Black Mica

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The amazing facts about biotite or black mica, the main ingredient of Adya Clarity™, is that it has so much in common with human beings it's uncanny.

  • Our Cortical/Compact bones have the same structure as mica called Lamellae. They both house minerals and produce cells.
  • RNA and many lipids in our cells have negative charges. Minerals from Mica are oxides, which means they are charged negatively.
  • Our bones produce red and white blood cells. Mica produces single-cell organisms without membranes.
  • Potassium in mica matches closely to the levels inside of our cells and the sodium in mica is rich like the ocean and our blood .
  • The human RNA phosphates are spaced exactly the same distance as the negative charges in mica.
  • Surfaces on Mica are Suitable for living cells and all the major classes of large biological molecules. Proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates and fats are included.


The natural Black Mica extraction process is patented and invented by Shimanishi Asao to mimic a volcano.